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Using 3D printed guides for dental implant placement = Precision

The most exciting thing in dentistry right now is digital technology.  In this video see how Dr. Hillam places implants with ease and efficiency using 3D printed surgical guides

What happens during the initial dental implant consultation?

In this video, Dr. Hillam explains what to expect and some of the points he will discuss during the initial implant consultation visit.

Why choose us over your general dentist or other oral surgeons for your dental implant needs? - Fair cost with transparent pricing.

Generally, the implant tooth costs way more than people expect.  Because of the lack of transparency, the costs vary widely amongst general dentists and oral surgeons.  At Just Wisdom Teeth and implants we fully disclose our fees so you can compare.

What is minimally invasive dental implant surgery?

Minimally invasive surgery offers the best after surgery experience.  Dr. Hillam explains how he reduces pain, swelling, and recovery time when he places implants.

Is dental implant surgery painful?

In this video, Dr. Hillam puts your mind at ease.  He explains how he can make the implant surgery as pain-free as possible.

Call Nampa Office Phone Number 833-587-8984 or 833-JUST-WTI to schedule your dental implant consultation.
To read more about dental implants view our informative pages here.

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