New Wisdom Teeth Patients

To speed up office wait times, we’ve provided 5 online steps that should be completed before you visit us for your surgery.

  1. Fill out the New Patient Registration Form
    • Make sure to fill in the Pharmacy you typically use
    • For best x-ray imaging, please remove earrings, necklaces, and any facial or tongue jewelry before you come in. 
  2. Watch the Wisdom Teeth Informed Consent Presentation’s section for Wisdom Teeth AND Postoperative Care below.
  3. Read through this written Wisdom Teeth And/Or Other Teeth Informed Consent

    • If you understand your risks and accept them, please use a touch screen device such as your smartphone or a tablet to sign the written consent.  Your signature and risk acceptance will be validated by the witness when you arrive. If you do not know the exact tooth/teeth being removed, leave it blank and the witness will fill that part in for you.

      • If you do not have a touch screen device to sign on to, we will provide one for you when you come in
    • If you have any questions concerning your risks and need further explanation from the surgeon, do not sign the written consent until those questions are resolved and risks accepted.
  4. Read through the Wisdom Teeth Q&A | Wisdom Teeth Q&A – Spanish
  5. Review through the PainPack protocol