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5 out of 5 stars based on 7 Wisdom Teeth reviews.

Our Latest Patient Testimonial By Alexa L

loved the environment & doctors!

- Alexa L

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial By Lexie G

I would definitely recommend going here for your wisdom teeth removal! I’m so happy I did.

- Lexie G

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial By Leilani E.

I wasn't worried at all. Everyone did a fantastic job. They even put of some of my favorite music right before the surgery.

- Leilani E.

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial By Shae K

Really good service!!

- Shae K

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial By Lauren T

My experience with Dr. Hillam and his staff was exceptional! I was worried about undergoing anesthesia for the first time, but it was not painful at all. I did not feel one thing while I was in surgery! Dr. Hillam also did a great job educating me about the recovery process. Very impressed with my experience!

- Lauren T

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial By Tyler H

I was really nervous about being sedated for my wisdom teeth. The Doctor was very kind and made me feel at ease. The whole experience was easier than I thought. Great office and staff.

- Tyler H

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial By John L

Friendly staff and exceptional work!

- John L

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Joy – Oct 30

Thank you so much for taking those teeth out! Y’all were all fantastic! Also, super grateful about your view on narcotics!

Charleen – Oct 29

Thanks for asking! No questions. I am doing fine so far and have only taken 2 ibuprofen.

Christopher – Oct 29

I am feeling a lot better than I thought I would. Just a little sore but that’s it.

Carol – Oct 21

Thank you for your concern. A little ice last night took care of soreness and mild swelling. I assume you got all of those pesky roots with hook ends? For some reason our visit was forgettable. LOL. I really appreciate your expertise and kindness. Thank you again. Hope our visit was my last! But in the event, I need any help in your field you are number 1 on my list! Have a great day.

John – Oct 23

Thank you. I’m actually dealing with the pain nicely without medications. So much less pain this go around. If it gets too bad I will take ibuprofen.

Kevin – Oct 27

Feeling Great – All is good – Thanks!

Wayne – Oct 18

Dr. Hillam just thought I would give you a follow-up. I’m all healed up and doing fine, never did need to use any pain meds. Best dentistry job I ever had. Thanks!

Daniel – Oct 16

The pain is fine. Just woke up at home. Don’t remember leaving your office or anything. No questions. Thank you!

Clay – Oct 15

Feeling fine seems like good work. Thank you!

Elizabeth – Oct 15

Feeling great with no pain or swelling. Thanks to you and everyone on your staff for your kindness!

Elizabeth – Oct 9

I feel great, still a little bit sore. Nothing horrible at all. Only needed Tylenol for pain. I appreciate it so much that you were able to take care of it so late in your day yesterday. It has improved my quality of life in an instant! Your staff is amazing, and I am grateful to you all. My husband was so glad I went to you, as am I. Thank you, Doctor!

James – Oct 6

Thank you, I’m doing well, only a little sore.

Cruz – Oct 5

I have surprisingly been doing great! I haven’t had to take any of the really strong meds. Just Tylenol ibuprofen. My mouth is a bit more sore today but nothing too bad. Thanks for everything, I really appreciate you guys doing a good job.

Beatrice – Sept 25

Everything is just fine. Almost no bleeding or pain. Took ibuprofen & Tylenol as suggested. Not sure I needed it though. I’m very pleased with the results so far. Thank you for your concern and all the information you shared with me today.

Marie – Sept 25

Good morning Dr. Hillam, No swelling, No pain. Thanks for a great job!

Amy – Sept 24

My son is doing awesome! Tylenol is working great, he hasn’t even complained of pain. Thanks again for the great work on my boys!

Howard – Sep 22

Dr. Hillam. Everything is going great. I have no pain and no swelling. The diet is pretty bland and no chips or popcorn for a while will be the greatest challenge. But it will help my waistline. Thanks again for the great service

Russ – Sept 22

Doc, I’m doing great, thanx. When I got home yesterday, after a while I had a little bit of discomfort from my extracted tooth area for a while, but I didn’t need to use any pain pills. Then for a few hours before I went to bed I hardly felt anything. My face hasn’t swelled up a bit! That was a complete surprise to me. And all day today I really haven’t felt anything from the area in my mouth. Just amazing to me!

Trinity – Sept 22

My daughter was super happy and comfortable with the entire experience. We appreciate you guys.

Wayne – Sept 18

Doing Great. Numbing is pretty much wearing off. No pain,…yet. Got my meds, all is good. Wanted to tell you that I think you did a great job. Thanks

Jana – Sept 14

Thank you! No pain at all. No bleeding. Doing great.

Hanna – Sept 8

Hi there! Feeling good! Just a bit sore. All is good. Thank you for everything!

Rudy – Sept 1

Thank you for all your hard work – You did a very excellent job. I am so happy no pain no discomfort what so ever – God Bless you & anyone you reach! I love your office – Keep up the good work

Lana – Sept 1

Hello, I’m doing great can’t even tell that I had a tooth pulled. Thank you very much you’re a rockstar

Jeffrey – Sept 1

I feel pretty good. I just need to remind myself to watch what I eat and do not chew, lol. No questions. Thank you, you did awesome work.

Joshua – Sept 1

I’m feeling pretty good. That was the best experience I’ve had with anesthesia, so thank you!

Toni – Aug 28

Pain is very low. Thank you very much

Michelle – Aug 25

I’m feeling great! Thank you for checking up on me. I don’t have any questions at this time. You’re great!!! Thank you so much for taking great care of me

Todd – July 24

Hello! That could not have gone any smoother! Thank you for making a very pleasant experience. Just a note that you have a wonderful staff and we thank them for everything!

Chadwick – Aug 18

Hello, hi I am doing amazing just got done skydiving! Lol JK. I am resting at home doing wonderful thank you again.

Linda – Aug 17

Thanks for taking such good care of me.

Daniel – Aug 12

Thank you so much. Haven’t even needed any pain meds.

Emma – July 16

Thanks for your great care!

Andrea – July 10

Thank you – I am doing really well! I do appreciate everything you and your staff prepared me for post wisdom teeth recovery. Just taking Advil.

Shayna – June 23rd

Thank you so much for taking such amazing care of me!

Nekoda – June 23rd

Thank you for checking in. My son is doing great. No problems to report. Thank you for making your service available and doing such a swift and masterful job!

David – June 19th

Feeling good hardly any pain. Thank you!

Monica – June 19th

Thank you, always appreciate you taking the time for aftercare like this. The cold pack you guys sent me with is amazing

Kade – June 19th

My son is doing well. Keeping up on the pain meds and he’s sleeping. Thank you so much. Your staff and you are all so kind!

Jillian – June 9th

Feeling fine, just a little soreness but nothing too crazy so far, and no questions at this point either, thank you! It was way less scary than I thought.

Debbie – June 9th

Doing great. Seem sleepy. No major pain. Thanks for doing such a good job.

Isaac – June 9th

My son is doing pretty good. No questions so far. I am about to give him another pain pill. He was concerned on the way home because he never said “Thank you” and he thought you all were great and really nice. Just thought I would pass that along.

Rylee – June 6th

He’s doing good! Not much pain. Thank you for checking, we really appreciate you!

Nathan – May 30th

He has so little pain we are surprised, Tylenol has worked fine. Slept through the night with the pain meds, good appetite. You did a good job it seems, not that we expected any different. Good to see him recovering so well. We are doing the ice packs also. Thanks for the follow-up.

Daniel – May 30th

Good Morning. Everything seems to be good. Some pain last night. But woke up this morning with very minimal pain. Thank you!

Christine – May 30th

Everything seems fine. Not too much discomfort. I’m going to switch over to ibuprofen today. Thanks for checking on me

Hunter – May 27th

Hi! He is doing wonderful! Very little swelling so far and not in much pain. Thank you for checking!

Dennis – May 27th

Doing just great. Haven’t had any pain or swelling or anything. Thanks

Christina – May 22nd

Just woke up about half an hour ago. I don’t remember anything between you putting in the IV and waking up on my bed…I guess that is normal though. Minimal pain at this time.

Jana – May 21

I am fine. No pain. Bleeding stopped about an hour after the extraction. I just had a small bowl of mashed potatoes and took my antibiotics. Will take a Tylenol before bed. You’re the best. Thank you.

Alea – May 20

Thank you so much! Feeling great! Just tired but that’s expected! Thank you guys so much for everything you guys do!

Lisa – May 19th

Hi. I’m doing great! You are pretty tip top and I thank you for helping me! I will reach out if something comes up. I appreciate your kindness and concern. Thank you!

Sierra – May 19

I am doing really well considering. Just taking it easy. Thanks for the awesome job and thank you.

Barbara – May 15th

We are so impressed with you and your staff. God Bless you.

Bobbie – May 15

Can I have coffee??? I am doing great! Have slept a lot! You did a wonderful job. Thank you…

Rachel – May 1st

Thank you very much she is doing very well and happy that it was so easy and fast

Steve – April 23

You are the best….truly.

Jerry – April 3rd

You did an awesome job. So far no pain whatsoever. Thank you

Denton – April 3rd

I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for everything. So can I make you my permanent dentist?

Jill – April 3

All going well and no questions. Thanks for checking!! We appreciate the awesome job you do!!

Michael – April 3rd

I’m feeling great! You and your crew were awesome! I wouldn’t want to be in anyone else’s care.